Amptec Education: Microphone essentials seminar
On Wednesday 29th April, Amptec Education organizes a Microphone Essentials workshop.
Muzieknieuws 13-04-2015 13:50
During this seminar both theoretical principles and practices will be discussed.

Some of the topics:
- Transducer principles (dynamic, ribbon, (electret)condenser)
- Directionality
- Frequency response
- Small vs. Large diaphragm
- Speech intelligibility
- Microphone positions for vocals & musical instruments
- Live vs. studio
- Stereo techniques
- How to read microphone specifications

This training will be given by Brecht Ieven, DPA product specialist at Amptec and all-round audio technician with over 12 years of experience in theatre, broadcast and music.

The number of participants is limited to 15 people.

Location: Amptec seminar room
Admission fee: 120€ (lunch and refreshments included).
Participants will receive a 120€ voucher, valid on future purchases at Amptec.


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