SAE organiseert gratis workshops op zondag 11 oktober
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Op zondag 11 oktober hervat SAE haar gratis workshopserie. Je kan je inschrijven voor de live sound workshop HOW TO GET THAT STUDIO SOUND ON STAGE! door Arne van der Heijden, en voor de Music Business workshop YOUR FIRST RECORD DEAL!...WHAT ARE THE DO'S AND DON'Ts door Bindu de Knock.

De beschrijvingen van de gratis zondagse workshops bij SAE Institute Amsterdam. 


Taking control of your own performance.

With Arne van der Heijden (studio & live engineer, musician, performer)

Picture this: You are a musician, performer or play in a band. And in the rehearsal room / at home / in the homestudio everything sounds great. But everytime you have a gig or concert, they just can't get the sound right, it doesn't sound the same... frustration.

This is a common issue.

First understand this...

  • From the performer's perspective: This doesn't always mean the sound-guy/girl is doing a bad job. There is a lot YOU can do on stage to make it sound great.
  • From the engineers perspective: It's not simply the musicians fault. If you understand their way of working and thinking, you can work together and make it awesome.
  • Working together (performer < > engineer) is crucial
  • It is possible to get the right sound on stage.

This free workshop is all about that!

  • How does a proper live sound look like (from small gigs to venue concerts)
  • How do you get your monitor sound (on stage) right
  • How does the musician/performer think and what are his/her expectations?
  • How to improve the communication between artist and engineer to get the sound they want
  • How can I explain to the engineer what I want
  • How to deal with feedback in a fast and proper way
  • How to remotely control your monitor sound as a musician
  • Understanding in-ear monitoring and getting it right

This workhop is given by SAE Lecturer, Keyboardplayer, Musician, DJ, Live & Studio Engineer Arne van der Heijden(Twitter)

If you want to attend this workshop for free, register here

Note: Secure your place (limited numbers) fast and get a free lunch included.

More info about this free workshop or the Live Sound Certificate course (starting in November): mailedoardo.advisor@sae.edu


By Bindu De Knock, SAE Degree lecturer, IE lawyer and author of Noot voor Noot

Free workshop Music Business

So you are a musician/artist. You love what you do. But money is not coming in...

How can you turn your creative work into income? What are the pitfalls when signing a contract? How do you protect your work?

Join our Music Business workshop for free and get the answers. It provides you valuable information and the necessary steps to take and verify before signing any contract. So are you a producer or musician, ready to take the next step to a record deal?...This workshop is a must-go.

PRE-REGISTER and attend the workshop for free; use the registration button below.

Note: Secure it now and get a free lunch included.

This workshop is open for everybody and is part of our Music Business Certificate course. If you decide you want to learn more after this free workshop, turning yourself in a Music Business professional (in only 6 months!), this course is your solution. (Limited number of places available for November)

More info:

Making music is one thing, but marketing your music and actually making money with your music is a whole different ball game. We at SAE Institute realized there was a need for education in this area and, together with 2 music industry professionals, developed the course, “Music Business”.

One of the big issues these days is the amount of technology available for making and distributing music. Understanding how to get your tracks on to iTunes, for example, is not the important issue; it is more important to know how iTunes actually works, how you get paid, what you get paid for and what to do to let people know that you are there.

The industry is changing and new ideas, business models and opportunities are presenting themselves. Being equipped to be able to take full advantage of all of this is the path to success.

Anyone who wants to advance their career in the music industry - not simply people who have, or want to have their own label or manage themselves but also artists who want more control over their own careers should consider the Music Business Certificate.

The main subjects you will study are Music Rights, Record Company Structure and Operation, Music Publishing, Business Set Up, Music Contract Law, Business Law, Management, Licensing and Studio Operation. Upon completing the Music Business Certificate, you should be able to set up and run your own music industry company, you should be able to negotiate contracts, licenses and deals and you should be able to build a career in the music industry.


Tom Pearce:
He has over 40 years experience in the Music Industry. Tom has been working at the highest level of the industry with international record labels, publishers, managers and of course, artists like Elton John, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Mark Knopfler, Joe Walsh and Jeff Beck as well as studio sessions with John Lennon, Ringo Starr, the Beach Boys and Pete Townshend.

Bindu de Knock:
She is a musician and Lawyer, at a young age she became interested in synthesizers and music production. After studying at SAE she started working in Denmark for TC Electronics, she quickly she discovered that a lot of musicians and artists got lost in the music business and rights. She decided to go back to Holland and went to law school. Bindu specializes in intellectual property law, including copyright law, trademark law, design law, trade name law, slavish imitation and misleading and comparative advertising. Now it is her mission to educate people in the music industry their rights, and explains contracting. She has written a book called ‘Noot voor Noot’ that is released in Summer 2015.

If you want to attend this workshop for free, register here

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