Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam Announces Their: "Darcy Proper Scholarship"
Muzieknieuws 12-01-2017 14:24
The world of professional audio in which we live and work is predominantly male, and while there are a number of very successful female producers and engineers within our industry, our female counterparts remain seriously underrepresented. Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam, would like to show their support of women who are interested in entering this challenging profession.

Furthermore, we are well aware that there are numerous talented and passionate individuals who simply cannot afford the costs of formal education. The combination of these two factors has inspired Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam to create the Darcy Proper Scholarship for the 2017 academic year – a scholarship that is aimed towards talented and dedicated women and individuals (male and female) all over the world, who want to pursue a career in the music industry as a producer and/or engineer.

Darcy Proper is a successful sound engineer and a role model for many within the industry. Darcy graduated with honours from NYU’s Music Technology programme and began her career at Sony Classical Productions and Sony Music Studios in New York City. After twenty years in the big city, she made the jump to Europe, accepting a position as Senior Mastering Engineer at Galaxy Studios in Belgium. In 2010, Darcy became part of the team of adventurers dedicated to the revival of Wisseloord Studios in the Netherlands, where she currently bases her work as a mastering engineer. Over the years, Darcy has been honoured with 3 Grammy awards and 9 nominations and has won several other awards for her work. Alongside her mastering work, she also lectures at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam.

The Darcy Proper Scholarship is a 1 year full-tuition scholarship to study the Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam, amounting to €12.500. The programme starts on September 25th, 2017. Applications for the scholarship are open until March 31, 2017.

In order to be considered for the scholarship, you have to submit a motivational letter explaining why you feel you deserve to be selected. As part of your application, please include recordings of music that you have worked on, highlighting your role in the process, and a tailored resumé of what you have done in the field of music/audio to date. Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam will support international applicants from outside Europe with their visa arrangements.

Abbey Road Institute encourage applications from all students who are keen to study at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam and will be announcing the winner of the scholarship at the end of April 2017.

More information can be found here: https://nl.abbeyroadinstitute.com/scholarship2017

Website: https://abbeyroadinstitute.nl

Contact Info:


Phone: +31 6 1144 6004

Email: milou.derksen@abbeyroadinstitute.com

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